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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 19, 2014 12:00am-12:31am JST

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welcome to nhk world "newsline."hk world i'm gene otani in tokyo. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. >> many west africans are increasingly distrustful of hospitals believing they are spreading ebola. u.s. commanders have staged their largest air offensive yet to stop islamist militants in northern iraq. and japanese defense authorities have started a drilling survey off the coast of okinawa as they move forward with plans to relocate a u.s.
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air base. the ebola outbreak in west africa has created growing distrust among local people toward conventional medical treatment. residents in liberia's capital, monrovia, looted a quarantine center for suspected ebola patients. local media say the attackers took away some of those who were being treated. health officials have been struggling to contain the outbreak, but many residents say medical workers are spreading the disease. the world health organization says the death toll from ebola or suspected infection in four west african countries has risen to 1,145. that includes more than 400 in liberia. health officials in the uae capital of abu dhabi says a woman died after showing symptoms. she was traveling from nigeria to india. her health deteriorated on
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saturday at abu dhabi's main airpot. the woman's husband and five medics who treated her have been isolated pending ebola test results. kurdish forces in northern iraq have scored a strategic victory in their campaign against sunni militants. state television reports they've taken control of the country's largest dam after an operation to push out fighters with the islamic state. their momentum was fueled by a flurry of u.s. air strikes. nhk world's craig dale is covering developments for us. >> reporter: u.s. bombers, fighter planes and drones pounded targets around the mosul dam over the weekend. they carried out 14 air strikes on sunday alone. it's the largest single day attack since the u.s. operation began ten days ago. american commanders say they took out armored personnel carriers and armed vehicles operated by islamic state militants. it helped kurdish peshmerga fighters in their operations to take back the dam.
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the islamic state seized it earlier this month and kept it running. the facility provides water and electricity for much of the region. people feared the militants would destroy it and flood cities. president obama outlined the importance of the infrastructure in a letter to congress where he explained his authorization of the air strikes. he said, quote, the failure of the mosul dam could threaten the lives of a large number of civilians and endanger personnel and facilities including the u.s. embassy in baghdad and prevent the iraqi government from providing critical services to the iraqi populous. kurdish fighters are going after other islamic state positions in the north and the u.s. air strikes have given them a boost here. the bombings have kept the sunni militants out of erbil where the u.s. has a consulate. but islamic state still controls the city of mosul and other areas, including oil fields. the leader of iraq's kurdish autonomous region has been asking european officials for assistance. president massoud barzani is eager to update and increase his supply of weapons. he told the german foreign minister, backing from friends
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will help win the war. the conflict has displaced more than a million iraqis. some of them include members of the country's minorities, christians, for example. we've also heard about the plight of the yazidis, whose faith embodies elements of christianity and islam. the militants have been trying to convert the group to their strict brand of islam. they have killed hundreds of yazidi men, raped yazidi women and taken women and children as saves. the u.s. air strikes helped had tens of thousands of yazidis escape a mountainous area last week where they were trapped. some still remain. the yazidi have said they are facing genocide. some held a protest over the week. they said they want to leave iraq. this group was trying to get though turkey. other yazidis are learning how to fight back against islamic state. they have gone to syria to get weapons training and say they want to get revenge on sunni militants. now as the war continues to play out, politicians in baghdad are working to form a new government involving sunni and shia muslims along with kurds.
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many believe unity is the only way to confront the islamic state and stop its advance and they're hoping the prime minister haider al abadi will be able to bring people together. >> nhk's craig dale. staff at the japanese embassy in jordan say militants in syria may be holding a japanese citizen. they haven't released the man's name or age. but they've set up a task force to gather more information. embassy officials say the man is thought to have been captured in the northern city of aleppo. government and opposition forces have been struggling for control there for years. embassy staff are examining this video. they suspect someone linked to sunni militants took the footage. the man says in english that he's from japan. embassy officials say no one has claimed responsibility. the militants have been active in and around aleppo. officials with the japanese foreign ministry have been urging japanese citizens to leave syria even before this.
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iran's president says he's willing to cooperate with the u.n. nuclear watchdog. the international atomic energy agency is investigating whether the country is trying to develop nuclear weapons. the iaea director general ukio imano met hasan rouhani in tehran. he said there's no room in iran's defense policy morally or religiously for weapons of mass destruction. iranian officials have promised to provide relevant information to the iaea ahead of an august 25th deadline. they've agreed to clarify an issue concerning the testing of explosives that can be used to detonate nuclear weapons. iranian officials explained their decision to develop detonators, and he said he proposed discussing new ways to make iran's nuclear program more transparent. iran and six world powers plan to resume talks next month to try to resolve the nuclear issue.
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foreign ministers of four countries reached an agreement on the delivery of russian aid to eastern ukraine. they were unable to make progress on a cease-fire accord. ministers from russia, ukraine, france and germany met in berlin to discuss ways of diffusing the conflict. we are unable to report positive results about a cease-fire in the first place and about a political process. >> lavrov said the foreign ministers will meet again to discuss at cease-fire agreement. they were able to resolve problems involving a russian humanitarian convoy waiting to cross the border. the trucks carrying aid will soon leave for eastern ukraine and russia may deploy military along the border. he said his country must remain alert. when a real war is underway just a few kilometers away. meanwhile ukrainian officials say their forces have recaptured a number of
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pro-russian separatist strongholds in the country's east. national security spokesperson andri louie senko, said the government's troops have retaken a district police station in luhansk and a town in the donetsk region. ukrainian president made a comment. his tweet stated that government forces have control of the center of a town near donetsk. he described it as having strategic importance. thousands of personnel from the united states and south korea have begun their annual military exercise. they are conducting a drill in south korea over the next 12 days and preparing for possible attacks by north korea. about 30,000 u.s. personnel and 50,000 south koreans are taking part along with officials. from local governments and private firms. the troops will check a new strategy of deterrents against
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threats of nuclear attacks and weapons of mass destruction. north korean leaders have already complained. the korean newspaper is calling the drill a provocative act that damages inter-korean relations. it warns that the forces taking part in the drill and the ally's bases will be targets for attacks. officials with the north korean military have also criticized the exercise. north korean authorities have carried out a series of missile tests towards the sea of japan over the past several months. u.s. and south korean commanders have put their forces on heightened alert. pope francis has called for peace and reconciliation on the korean peninsula. the pontiff made the plea at the end of his five-day visit to south korea. ♪ the pope held his final mass in seoul. he prayed for the resolution of differences and greater recognition that koreans are all
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members of the same family. among those attending was president park geun-hye, a number of defectors from north korea and former so-called comfort women. there are more than 5 million catholics in south korea, about 10% of the country's population. on saturday, thousands of people crowded into a square in seoul hoping to get a glimpse of the pope as he gave an open-air mass. south korean tv stations gave wide coverage to the first papal visit to the country in 25 years. it was also francis' first visit to asia since becoming pontiff last year. south korean prosecutors are questioning a japanese newspaper reporter over an article he wrote about the country's president. the article appeared on the newspaper's website and sparked criticism by several groups for allegedly defaming park geun-hye officials from the newspaper say they'll cooperate with the investigation, but that they're unsure of what the problem is. the report was written by the
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seoul bureau chief of the newspaper. in it he quoted a south korean daily. he questioned the whereabouts of park on april 16th, the day the "sewol" ferry sank. nearly 300 people died in the accident. the article mentioned rumors park had a private encounter with an individual at the time. officials with the south korean presidential office lodged a protest against the paper. they say they'll seek civil and criminal action against the paper. the chief editor of the paper in tokyo says it wants south korean authorities to make a fair judgment based on freedom of the press. >> the association of southeast asian nations on monday marked 47 years since it was founded. the anniversary came as the group faces a series of major
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challenges. cholaphansa narula is following the story. asean ten-member states has a goal of launching a community of 600 million people by next year. they are struggling with how to deal with the rise of their giant neighbor china. the ceremony to mark the 47th anniversary took place in cha carta, home to the asean. it was founded by indonesia and four other countries and grown to become an important world engine. it struggles to deal with the rise of china. territorial disputes with china in in the south china sea. >> asean is all together facing a changing political and economic landscape that is affecting the peace, security and stability of our region. >> china in may erected a huge
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oil rig in waters near the paracel islands. ships from china and vietnam clashed repeatedly. they are accusing beijing of taking control over five shoals in the spratly islands, including the johnson south reef. a divide surfaced earlier this month. some countries sought to curb china's actions but they face problems with other nations that rely on china's investment. they call on members to remain united. >> we need to continue efforts in preserving a united and collective response to these contemporary and emerging challenges. >> reporter: asean's members are at different stages of economic developments. they encompass a variety of cultures, religions and political systems.. they encompass a variety of cultures, religions and political systems. observers say they need to work together more effectively to tackle issues such as regional security, disaster preparedness and reducing poverty.
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the death toll from floods and landslides in nepal has exceeded 100 people. thousands of people have been stranded for days and are still waiting to be rescued. heavy rains started to fall across wide areas of nepal last week. the western district of surcat has been severely affected. thousands of people lost their homes. rescue operations are ongoing. there is a lack of food and drinkable water. sanitary conditions are deteriorating, prompting worries about the spread of diseases. the rains have also affected neighboring india. a.p. says at least 84 people have died there. >> translator: the damage has increased due to improper use of rivers and mountains. housing construction was also substandard. >> reporter: more rain is forecast for the northern indian states of uta pradesh and utarakan prompting new flood warnings. new species of plants are
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still being discovered in myanmar. the country is often called a treasure trove of medicinal herbs. they used to import for their herbal medicines. they have recently started growing the plants in myanmar. we have the story. >> reporter: the growing of licorice is underway in this farm in northern myanmar. dried licorice roots are used an an ingredient in herbal medicines that reduce inflammation and relieve pain. >> translator: you need to make sure you water the plants every two or three hours during the day. >> reporter: this man is the farming adviser for the japanese pharmaceutical company. the firm has developed its own method for growing over the past eight years.
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japan imports most of is licorice from china. the chinese government has started limiting these exports. china says it wants to preserve this natural resource and protect the environment. the price of licorice has risen drastically because of these restrictions. it is 2.5 times more expensive than it was five years ago. this is a huge blow for the pharmaceutical companies that produce herbal medicines. rising costs prompted this farm to turn to myanmar. the countries in the regions have ideal conditions for growing licorice. myanmar also has plenty of workers. about 70% of its people make their living from the land. on this day, he visited the
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village to check the licorice that was planted in the spring. the roots are set firmly in the soil. local people may also benefit from growing licorice. many of myanmar's farmers struggle to make a living. value-added crops like licorice will burst their incomes. >> translator: japanese techniques are really good. i'll do my best, because i can expect to increase my income. >> reporter: he would like to persuade more farmers to grow licorice. this farmer wants to grow watermelons. he said chinese sellers will buy everything he produces. he tries to convince him that licorice is easier to grow than watermelons. >> translator: i would like to
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give it a try. if i can make more money. i hope it will benefit me and the development of this area. >> i'm looking forward to seeing our business grow in myanmar. i'll be happy if you can help to increase the farmers incomes so they can live more stable lives. >> reporter: the harvest is expected in four years time. myanmar is set to become a reliable supplier of this valuable crop. yasushi isa, nhk world, myanmar. that wraps up our bulletin. i'm cholaphansa narula in bangkok.
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japanese defense authorities have begun drilling in the waters off okinawa. they are planning to relocate a marine corps base on reclaimed land. they are carrying out a survey to test the ocean floor. the authorities are drilling into rock and coral reefs in shallow waters off an area called inoko in the city of nago. they'll drill at 21 locations along the coast to check the strength of the seabed. they plan to push earth into the water to build the base. the plan site includes part of the u.s. marine corps camp. more than 100 residents and members of civic groups opposed to the relocation held protests in front of the camp. ten years ago demonstrators forced defense officials to cancel a similar survey. diagnosing cancer may become
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faster in the near future. japanese researchers announce they are trying to develop a way to detect the disease through a simple blood test. miki yamamoto explains. >> reporter: as many as 13 types of cancer, including breast, stomach and colon, could soon be caught earlier. patients won't have to go through complicated examinations. just a simple blood test will do. >> this is a major national project, to develop a cutting edge, early detection system for major diseases, including cancer and dementia. >> reporter: doctors in japan currently use what they call tumor markers as a diagnostic tool. these substances are known to increase in the blood of cancer patients but these markers are mostly used to assess the spread of the disease and not as a tool for early detection. the new screening method will enable earlier detection with
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only a small sample of blood. it will focus on tiny molecules called micro rnas that cells release into the bloodstream. recent studies show that when cells turn cancer rouse, they start releasing different types of the molecules. researchers will analyze the blood samples of patients stored at the national cancer center to identify which micro rnas could serve as markers for cancer in the early stages. the project will be jointly launched by the national cancer center, the new energy and industrial technology development organizations and private firms including the synthetic fibermaker, tore. it will contribute to the project by developing a hypersensitive dna chip. this laser-guided sensor will trap rnas died with fluorescent paint.
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it will help researchers to identify and measure the molecules. >> our company views preventative medicine and preventative diagnosis as an extremely promising field. we hope the project will have a huge impact on high-tech research. >> reporter: they will spend the next five years developing a screening system that will be easy to use when people go for health check-ups. miki yamamoto, nhk world. residents are warming up to sunnier skies after frosty conditions in southern brazil. our meteorologist, jonathan oh, has a look at the world's weather. jonathan? winter is in full swing in the southern hemisphere and south america. temperatures are quite cold down in southern brazil. once in a while, you get some really cold temperatures. you will see this scene. let's take a look at some video coming out of this area where winter really is in full force
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in parts of brazil. southern areas covered with a blanket of frost thursday morning. in the town of uripema, the temperature dropped to negative 8.3 degrees celsius. that is the tenth coldest day in the state's record since record-keeping began in 1923. now, the temperatures have returned to normal. that's bringing some relief to residents. we are seeing the high pressure system bringing in some of the more pleasant conditions. it is still winter. we are still seeing the cooler we are still seeing the cooler temperatures. at least, we are not seeing these below zero temperatures at this point. as we look into the forecast, single digits. around 11 for wednesday morning and also slightly further up north, you will see temperatures in the teens as you wake up for the next few mornings.
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we look farther out to the north and north america. taking a look at the forecast. summer is in full swing. summer means thunderstorms in many parts of the united states. you can see here the clouds billowing up in the ohio river valley and the cold front associated with that. that has turned into a stationary front. warmer air from the south. colder air from the north. that clash is producing thunderstorms. we are expecting this to continue as we go throughout the next few days. we also have a low pressure system located toward the upper midwest. this system has a history of reducing severe weather. we had some large hail coming from this, some strong wind gusts at excess of 100 kilometers per hour and two tornado reports out of iowa. this system will be moving into the great lakes. by the time we go into late monday and tuesday, we will see some rain, maybe some thunderstorms associated with this. high pressure controlling the weather for the western half of the united states. dry conditions. gusty in northern california. fire danger weather still in effect. sunny skies in seattle, 28. denver, high of 32. the deep south, atlanta, 32 with a chance for thunderstorms for our monday. here is a look at the forecast for europe. you see here the large area of
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low pressure that continues to hit the scandanavian peninsula. lots of rainfall for this area. also, the northern portions of europe. this will be a rainmaker as we go throughout the next couple of days. high pressure down toward the south brings more pleasant condition and fairer weather. sunnier skies toward the south. the balkan peninsula is starting to dry up as well. athens, 32 for your high coming up on tuesday. 28, kiev. that wet system toward the north, dropping a little bit further by tuesday. warsaw, 22. 25, vienna, with some rain expected. here is a look at the forecast for east asia. we have a frontal system over the korean peninsula and western japan a jong jung in south korea, 200 millimeters in the last 24 hours. up to 300 millimeters in some places of kyushu and shikoku for the past 48 hours. more rain associated with this system as we go into tuesday. we see it back toward the southern portions of china. a tropical depression has also formed.
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lots of rainfall once again for this area. dryer conditions further up north. high pressure controls the area in northern china. 33, beijing. rain for seoul, shanghai, taipei. high pressure controlling the weather for japan. sunnier skies and warm temperatures in japan. highs in the low 30s. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here is your extended outlook.
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that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo. from all of us here at nhk
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world, thanks very much for joining us. -- captions by vitac --
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